Work on the Farm – Picking Up Straw For Pigs Tractor Farm Adventure – Woman in Tractor : Farming Bazylland Tractors
Music in the movie :
0:00 – 0:40 Just Wanna Run (COE Remix) – Blanches
0:40 ​ – 3:28 ES_Bedroom – Loving Caliber
3:28 – 6:14 Name Tag (Hallman Remix) – Nivicious
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Hello, welcome to my Bazylland channel
Enjoy watching my Farming Simulator 19 videos daily and subscribe to my channel!

How I Make Videos:

I play Farming Simulator 19 along with the game mods and create different scenes and maps for each movie.

I make thumbnails by taking a screenshot of my Farming Simulator 19 game.
Later, I edit these screenshots and create the thumbnails.

All footage used in my video is 100% captured and I am my property.

* Every gameplay clip on this channel is recorded and edited by me (NO RE-USE OF CONTENT).

#LS19 #bazylland @Bazylland

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